Tips for a Great Bucks Night in Melbourne

Here are out tips for a successful Bucks Night or weekend away!!!

1) This is your last chance for you FREEDOM. Both you and the Buck should enjoy it!

William Wallace couldnt do it on his own and neither should you. Let us take care of the arrangements and stress. You need only worry about enjoying yourself. By using, it will not cost you a cent more than doing it yourself and in many cases, it will cost a lot less. Also, because we let the venues you’re visiting know that youre coming, youll not need to worry about entry fees, queues or being bounced unless you do something silly.


Ooohhh the boys from BucksWeekend are sooooo sexy…..Accommodation and events can be booked out far ahead in peak times. Always try to organise the weekend at least 6 weeks in advance to help ensure that you can do everything you want to and to give you the opportunity to change your date or plans if needs be.


I just want to dance and take my undies of for those guys! Despite how funny you and I may think it is to see the Buck throw up all over the Wedding Dress at the Alter, I doubt the Brides mother will see the funny side and you’ll soon be getting a suntan in Spain with el Christphero Skaseo. Leave at LEAST a week to recover and for the paint to wash off. Tattoo’s may take longer.

4) Most important, get a good Venue:

By the way, if you do take these things out on the town with you, make sure you keep an eye on them……You never know what the lonely coach driver will get up to at 3:30am when you’re not looking!!!!